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    Дом "SKYLINE"

    Стоимость: 6 869 750 рублей
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  • Стильные современные барнхаусы

    Стильные современные барнхаусы

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    Дома под ключ всего по 2 млн.руб.!
    Проекты, оптимизированные по финансам, срокам, затратам
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    Дом "Ролекс"

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  • Дома в стиле Hi Tech от ArcticHomes

    Дома в стиле Hi Tech от ArcticHomes

    Дома премиум класса в современном стиле для истинных ценителей
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    Дом "А125"

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    Дом "Амос"

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    Баня "Венера"

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Деревянные дома по арктическим технологиям от производителя
Современные быстровозводимые дома по технологии Prefab house для круглогодичного проживания
Дома со свободной планировкой, которая позволит реализовать все ваши идеи по расположению комнат



Dear Ladies/Sirs!

The company "DEREVYANNYE DOMA ArcticHomes - WOODEN HOUSES ARCTICHOMES" offers you a unique opportunity to establish your own business or to extend an activity range of the existing companies! More and
more popular become the objects of the wooden house building (cottage villages, dwelling houses, bath houses,
restaurants, hotels, offices, cathedrals, cafes, holiday houses, pergolas, orphanages, etc.).
You can also be involved henceforth into this cost efficient, extremely interesting and socially important activity.
Nowadays the company "WOODEN HOUSES ARCTICHOMES" actively forms a network of dealers and that is
why we offer the most attractive cooperation conditions for organizations and natural persons over the whole
territory of Russia, CIS countries and countries of the European Union.
An advantageous geographical location of the company in Kaliningrad region - the westernmost part of Russia,
only 585 km away from Berlin, allows us to offer the European dealers SPECIAL CONDITIONS!

How to become a dealer?

It is very easy to become a dealer of the company "WOODEN HOUSES ARCTICHOMES"! It DOES NOT  
REQUIRE any large financial investments, special knowledge in the field of the wooden house building,
expensive wood working equipment or special software, etc. The most important thing you need is your wish to
work! Experience, knowledge, technologies, equipment of the specialists of the company allows you to arrange
your activity efficiently and effective. Wide experience in designing and building of wooden houses permits a
dealer to avoid difficulties when working with customers:

-We will provide the dealer free of charge with a catalog of projects;
-We will teach the dealer free of charge to make use of the calculation methods of the construction costs;
-In case of need we will free of charge calculate the cost within one day after receipt from a dealer of initial data
via the e-mail;
-Our specialists will draw up skillfully and professionally all the necessary engineering documentation, which
allows to assemble the object quickly and qualitative;  
-We will ground the dealer free of charge in basic aspects of the wooden house building;
-In case of need we will send a technical assistant to execute a contract supervision;
-We will provide a dealer with detailed information for assembling of the houses.   
In order to become a dealer of the company "WOODEN HOUSES ARCTICHOMES" it is necessary to:
-Sign an cooperation contract due to which you become an authorized dealer of the company;
-Send a specialist to train in necessary basic knowledge;
-Form a team of workers of building professions;
-Arrange a working place in your city to meet the customers and to process the incoming orders. 


Advantages of the dealer

After you have become a dealer of the company “WOODEN HOUSES ARCTICHOMES” you get the opportunity:
-to work under the dealer’s prices;
-to receive demonstration samples of the products;
-to use the trademark “WOODEN HOUSES ARCTICHOMES” ;
-to get free of charge advices on arrangement of marketing policy, construction technologies;
-to obtain the information support;
-to use an experience and knowledge of the company specialists when executing a contract  supervision of the
-to work with the project catalog of the company;
-to have an exclusive dealer right of the company “WOODEN HOUSES ARCTICHOMES” in your region;
-In case the customer from the region, having its own dealer, will try to place the orders direct with the company,
 these orders will be automatically re-directed to a dealer.

The company “WOODEN HOUSES ARCTICHOMES” offers to your attention products of the wooden house
building in the form of high quality units fabricated of Russian wood of northern logging under the following technology.jpg

1. Of butt-end logs (profile STANDART®), fabricated with the center-type machine tools, excluding a natural curvature of the tree trunk and providing a bigger width of the heat groove – the place of joint of logs to each other. This provides the walls with the high heat engineering features. In addition to this these logs have a very high-quality finishing processing; as a result no moisture remains on their surface.

2. Of glued profiled squared beam, having double heat groove, protecting the
walls from the wind-blow, moisture and cold penetration. The glued squared
beam of the company does not become deformed in the course of time, and,
as the builders say “it is not time-dependent“: in practice it has no shrinkage,
does not crack, twist or bend.


3. Of squared beam with pasted-in heat insulator. We use as the heat insulator
 polispen – a representative of a modern generation of the heat insulation
materials. It is irreplaceable for solving of tasks in heat saving. A house, which
has been built under this method, is not only extremely warm and stable, but
also a lighter one, which simplifies the assembly process and saves money
of a customer.


4. Of hollow profiled squared beam, which is a brand new development,
designed for saving of customer’s money when constructing a house.
The present material possesses all strength properties of the profiled
glued squared beam due to presence of special enforcement ribs, forming
rigid structures inside the wall. At that the value of the complete house unit
is by 25-30 % lower. The beam surface is plane and smooth and does not
require an additional finishing. Hollow spaces inside the wall are filled with
a special heat insulator - eco-wool.


5. Of planed logs. The logs are butt-end reducer machined with providing their
surface a texture of hand cutting. At that retains the mathematically checked
machining precision of joining grooves and hollows, inherent to the butt-end logs,
and a unique appearance of a cutting house is provided. Every house has its own
“face” and is a unique one in its own way.  


6. Of hand cut logs. The logs are worked up manually by carpenters, adjusted to
each other and then are assembled into the wall elements. After that the logs are
marked due to the process chart, the log house is being dismounted and delivered
to the construction site of the customer where the assembling of the construction
takes place. When using this technology we observe traditions of the Russian
wooden building.


7. Of butt-end logs with a double toothed profile NORD®. Application of this technology is especially urgent in the regions with cold climate and strong winds. Along the wholelength of the log nails and grooves are cut. Due to a complex structure of the log profile the heat engineering features of the wall are being improved.


8. Of constructional heat-insulated panels, consisting of two oriented chip boards.
Between them a layer of solid foamed polystyrene, used as a heat insulator, is
fastened by ecological glues under the high pressure. Resulted boards have an
increased moisture resistance, do not exfoliate, crack or warp in the course of
time. A wide choice of wood as northern pine tree, larch, cedar allows to satisfy
the demands of the most exacting customers.



Source of raw materials of the company locates in Kirov region - in the north of Russia - that is why the applied wood is of high quality because of its density, high durability and service life.  The company “WOODEN HOUSES ARCTICHOMES” carries out its activity over the whole territory of Russia, CIS countries and countries of the
European Union. We render services in assembling of objects, contract supervision, consulting on the issues of
the wooden house building, sale of house units and of saw timbers.

We propose cooperation to investment companies, building companies and natural persons in a complex and
partial building, building of cottage villages and private houses, hotel complexes as well as in search and
attraction of customers and sale of assembly ready house units. You can find more detailed information on
the website of the company.





Hi, Зумеры!

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Из чего строим
Меньше усадка дома, меньше трещин, гладкая поверхность бревен
из северной сосны, сибирской лиственницы или кедра. Изготовлено на станках, исключающих естественную кривизну ствола дерева
из северных пород древесины, Ламели бруса склеены между собой высококачественным клеем AkzoNobel
проходит камерную сушку с сохранением естественной бесклеевой структуры древесины
Балочная конструкция из клееного бруса, промежутки между которым заполняются стеклопакетами или энергоэффективным утеплителем
Материал объединяет все плюсы бревна и бруса
традиционный материал для строительства коттеджей, Строим каменные дома под ключ
традиционный материал для строительства коттеджей, Строим каменные дома под ключ
Самые выгодные цены среди конкурентов
Самые выгодные цены среди конкурентов
Качество домов подтверждено тепловизионной съемкой
Качество домов подтверждено тепловизионной съемкой
Дома от производителя: проектирование, изготовление, строительство
Дома от производителя: проектирование, изготовление, строительство
Быстрая доставка и оперативное строительство
Быстрая доставка и оперативное строительство
Строим без предоплаты
Строим без предоплаты
Строим по всему миру
Строим по всему миру
О компании

Компания "ArcticHomes" - одно из лучших предприятий России в сфере индивидуального жилищного строительства, образованное в 2002 году и работавшее ранее под известным брендом "Деревянные дома АрктикХоумс".




Основными видами деятельности компании являются:

  • Проектирование деревянных домов в Москве
  • Строительство деревянных домов в Калининграде;
  • Производство высококачественных  домов из оцилиндрованного бревна, клееного бруса, цельного профилированного бруса, бревна ручной рубки
  • Строительство деревянных домов в Москве
  • Строительство деревянных домов под ключ
  • Реализация комплектующих для деревянного домостроения: препаратов для защиты древесины (антисептиков), герметиков для срубов, межвенцовых утеплителей и проч.
  • Монтаж фундаментов на винтовых сваях.
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Срочная продажа дома из крупномерного бревна D280

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